A3 Size 3D Sublimation Heat Press Machine

A3 Size 3D Sublimation Heat Press Machine
Product Description

 Vacuum Gauge. Normal working pressure display at -0.08 to -0.094 MPA, pressure depend on the local altitude. 

Indicator. Machine normal working, the light is off, when it finished working, it's on. this indicator palys a role to remind the operator to take out the case once finished the work.

Vacuum switch. Press this button, which can start the vacuum pump working. 

Power switch. Humanization design and convenient for setting. 

Working layer. Configure with an alloy aluminum & CNC made A3 tray, also it is support A5 tray & A4 tray, suit for different requirement. also configure with a high quality silicone sucker, which can be resist high temperature ( 300 clesius degree ), thers is no need to change it in 2-3 years. 

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